Mas Classics Shipping Options


Domestic U.S. Delivery Times


Drop Shipments - UPS Ground Service - 1 to 4 business days **

**Ships directly from the V-Twin warehouse. Minimum dropship order is $20.00. Orders submitted to V-Twin by Noon Pacific Time usually ship the same day. Minimum S&H is $8.00 for smaller orders and depend on size and weight of package. Drop ship orders over $400 get free shipping. Rear fenders and some wide handlebars ship in big boxes and UPS charges us for oversized package rates and in that case we charge you the actual cost we are billed for the shipment.

Standard Shipping - U.S. Postal Priority Mail - 5 to 6 business days **

** V-Twin ships all orders from the St. Joseph Missouri warehouse which arrive here in 3 business days with UPS. We will ship the items out to the customer with Priority Mail. We recommend this method for orders under $20.

For Priority Mail Small Flat Rate, S&H is $6.00. We also can ship Medium Flat Rate Box for $12.50 S&H. The Large Priority Mail Flat Rate Box are $17.00 S&H. We have to determine if your items will fit in these boxes to ship Priority Mail Flat Rate. We can also ship orders standard Priority Mail.

UPS 2nd Day Air and Red Label Next Day Air service are also available but V-Twin does not give any guidelines to how much it will cost. We request the service and they charge us for the shipment including the dropship fee and the upgraded shipping service. We would ask for a little liberty and we will ship the item for the actual shipping cost V-Twin charges us. We only ship in this manner when it's totally necessary.

We also ship UPS for larger domestic shipments or for customers who prefer UPS over U.S. Postal Service. For those shipments, we will package and weigh the shipment and let you know how much the shipment will cost.

International Customers - Shipping Options

GXG - Global Express Guaranteed - 1 to 3 days average delivery
Express Mail International 3 to 5 days average delivery
Priority Mail International - 6 to 10 days average delivery
First Class Mail International - varies with country

Here are some examples of U.S. Postal international shipping rates. These are only guidelines from recent shipments to help our customers get an idea of how much the shipping will cost. These rates were calculated February 20th 2013.

Priority Mail International - 4 lb. 3oz. package - $46.80 to Germany - $57.40 to England - $53.90 to Japan - $56.55 to Australia - $49.35 to Brazil - $37.65 to Canada.

8 lb. 12 oz. package - $57.80 to Germany - $69.20 to England - $64.90 to Japan - $73.95 to Australia - $61.55 to Brazil - $47.05 to Canada

17 lb. package - $74.90 to Germany - $92.10 to England - $77.30 to The Netherlands - $78.10 to Sweden - $105.59 - $86.90 to Japan - $109.45 to Australia.

We also use the Priority Mail Flat Rate packages for International shipments when possible and cost less than standard Priority Mail rates. Small Flat Rate box is $23.95 and 8 5/8 x 5 3/8 x 1 5/8 in size with a 4 lb limit. Medium Flat Rate is $59.95 and Large Flat Rate is $77.95 with a 20 lbs maximum weight limit provided the items fit in the flat rate boxes.

We also ship standard First Class International for small orders. A 7 oz. package would ship to Germany, England, Japan or Australia for $12.75, Brazil to $12.15 and $8.55 to Canada.