V-Twin Mfg. Knucklehead Engine
10-1985,31-0735* 10-1985,31-0735*
87" Alternator-Generator Knucklehead Long Block features alternator left hand case and generator right hand case. Each long block is assembled with S&S crankcases, Sifton oil pump, S&S 4 5/8" flywheels, Timken main bearing, Sifton Knucklehead lighting cam, matched pinion gear, Torrington cam needle bearing and Torrington main pinion bearing. Cylinders are Motor Shop Ready Brand pre-fitted with forged 8.25:1 pistons. Cylinder heads are Motor Shop Ready brand fitted with Sifton valves, springs and collars. Heads feature stock intake and exhaust ports. Each 87" long block is assembled with a natural finish cam cover, natural finish lifter block, automatic advance distributor and solid lifters. Each long block is pre-run and tested for proper oil pump pressure. Sprocket shaft is correct length for 1970-up 4 or 5 speed transmission assembly.
VT No. Price Item
$8,808.00 Motor
$60.00 Top Mount
*Note: Allows installation of knucklehead motor in Evo frames.
Raw finish
31-0735 Top Mount allows the installation of Knuck Motor in Evo frame, raw finish
Linkert to Bendix Adapter mounts to 4 bolt stock manifold to allow use of Bendix or Spigot carb.
VT No. Price Item
$0.00 Bendix Adapter
N/A Replica Manifold


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