88" Generator-Alternator Panhead or Shovel Long Block
10-2014,10-2018,10-1984 40-0683
SS Top Oil Lines fit Pan Top Ends.
VT No. Price Year Type
N/A 1963-65 Stock
N/A   Custom
88” Generator-Alternator Panhead or Shovel Long Block features alternator left hand case and generator right hand case. Each
long block is assembled with S&S Crankcases, Sifton Oil Pump/Breather Assembly, S&S 4 1/4” stroke flywheels, Timken main
bearing, stock FLH cam with matched pinion gear installed with a Torrington full compliment needle bearing. Assembled with a cast
finish cam cover, automatic advance distributor, chrome lifter blocks that are fitted with hydraulic tappets and pushrods. Cylinders
are S&S 3 5/8” type fitted with 7.75:1 compression ratio cast pistons and rings. Top end also features STD dual plug heads with late
type intake ports and 3-Bolt Exhaust flanges and are fitted with rocker arm assemblies, no lead valves, chrome pan covers, polished
thick D-Rings,chrome pushrod covers and chrome rocker box feed line.
Entire unit is pre-run and test for proper oil pump pressure. Order intake manifold (Shovel band type) and carburetor separately.
Use with 4 speed 1970-84, 5 speed Rigid ST 1986-99 transmission electric or kick start. 10-2018 has chrome cam cover in addition
to chrome pans, lifter blocks and distributor.
VT No. Price Finish Type
$6,733.00 Natural Pan
$7,073.00 Chrome Pan
$5,750.00 Natural Shovel
10-2002,10-2013 10-2002,10-2013
Flatside Shovelhead Long Block is of 74 cubic inch displacement featuring Sifton oil pump/breather assembly, stock stroke flywheel,
Timken bearing, stock FLH cam properly installed with a matched pinion and cam gear with a Torrington full compliment bearing.
Assembly is supplied with a natural finish Flatside 1966-69 stock style cam cover, chrome lifter blocks which are fitted with hydraulic
tappets and stock style pushrods. Cylinders are stock style with standard compression 8.5:1 cast pistons and Hastings rings.Top end
includes replica stock type single plug heads with chrome steel pushrod covers and polished rocker boxes with shafts and arms
installed. Order manifold (flat seal type), carburetor and 2 brush generator separately. Clamp style automatic advance distributor is
included. Entire unit is pre-run and factory tested for oil pressure.All Long Blocks shipped assembled as pictured to fit 1965-69
VT No. Price Item
$5,751.00 74”
$5,751.00 80”


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