17-0017 4-Speed Replica Transmissions
Motor Shop
1984-85 FXST, 1985-86 FXWG 4 Speed Transmission Assembly includes all internal parts assembled in a replica case, chrome kicker cover and components, rotary top, mount studs and clutch hub nut. Fully assembled unit will accept belt or chain final rear drive and features later mainshaft to accept 1984-90 clutch hub and components. Fits FXB models by substitution of rotary shift linkage.
VT No. Price
4-Speed Motor Shop
4-Speed Transmissions include Replica™ Cast Case internal parts, chrome kicker cover and components, clutch rod, throwout bearing, natural finish ratchet top with chrome dust cover, arm, mount studs, clutch hub nut, seal and key, fully assembled for Big Twins.
. 1970-84 models feature case with mount lugs to accept aluminum inner primary covers. Speedo drive gear supplied is 1:1 ratio. Torrington needle bearings used throughout. VT No.'s 17-0012, 17-0013 will accept belt or chain final rear drive which accepts electric start.
Note: The shift pattern will be reversed when installed in midshift models as it has the FL type ratchet top to be used with forward controls.
17-0005 Left Side View
17-0005 Installed
VT No. Price Ratio Year
$1,607.00 3.00 1970-84 FLH
$1,607.00 2.44 1970-84 FX
$1,965.00 3.00 1970-84 FL with Rotary Top
$1,965.00 2.44 1970-84 FX with Rotary Top
*Note: Available with 1979-85 type with Rotary Top.
17-0005 Installed
5 Speed Conversion
43-1051 17-0015
S&S 5-Speed Transmission Case for 4-Speed Big Twins. The 4-5 Speed case is designed for 4-Speed Big Twin frames and includes shift lever adjustment screw, shifter shaft guide, all studs and dowel pins required for assembly. Requires shorter countershaft for assembly and countershaft needle bearing for assembly.
5-Speed Transmission as pictured, direct bolt in replacement on 1970-84, for the 4-speed unit. Completely assembled using replica gears, shafts and transmission case. All internal parts interchange with stock 5-speed components. Available with late clutch release mechanism. Use 1980-84 FXR 5-speed transmission sprocket with offset so teeth are closer to trans case. Inner primary must be clearanced for final fitting. Available with late clutch release mechanism for 1987-up type cable.
VT No. Price
VT No. Price Item
$672.00 Case Assembly
$108.00 Shorter Countershaft
$37.00 Countershaft Needle Bearing
$50.00 FX Starter/Battery Box Bracket
$50.00 FL Starter/Battery Box Bracket
$131.00 FX Shifter Linkage Kit
$162.00 FL Shifter Linkage Kit


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