V-Twin Replica Knucklehead Frame
V-Twin™ Replica Frames...the difference is REAL!
51-1041 51-1039
51-1040 51-1040 51-1040
Over 3000 Served Since 1995!
Use replica mount kit for mounting coil
51-1040 51-1040 Cross Shaft
The Construction
V-Twin™ Replica Frames feature steel forgings in neck, front and rear motor mounts, rear axle plates, swing arm and shock mounts. In this process, the steel is first fired as red hot ingot, next huge hammers compact and orient the grain structure into a rough shape of the part, subsequent hits form the part into its final shape, after which it is machined and heat treated which results in increased strength and resistance to wear. The related components used in construction are accurately formed stampings and drawn over mandrel seamless tubing which is tig welded together during final assembly.
1936-37 1938-40 1941-47
Toolbox Bracket Details


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