Accel Single/Dual Fire Ignition Module. Fits all carbureted 1970- 2000(except TC-88) and all 1971-up Sportster models, works in both single or dual fire applications and features 14 tuneable advance curves from stock to full performance, adjustable rev limiter, VOES input, tachometer output and front cylinder static time LED. Requires sensor cup for installation.
32-9217,32-9218,32-4100,32-0588,32-9255,32-0559,32-9087,32-9052 ti
Crane Cams
Crane Hi-4 fits all 1970-98 carbureted models and requires sensor cup for 1982 and earlier applications. Order tach interface, sensor cup and screw separately if required. Note: Order Coils Listed Below
VT No. Price Item
$344.00 Accel S/D Fire Ignition Module
$9.00 Sensor Cup
VT No. Price Crane# Fits
N/A 8-1100 Dual Fire Ignition fits Evo, Shovel and
Sportster through 1997. It can be set
for Street or Race-Electric start or Kick
Start includes 4000 to 8000 adjustable
RPM limiter. Includes adjustment for
rate of advance. This unit is compatible
with stock dual fire coils
N/A 8-2100 Single Fire Ignition fits Evo, Shovel
and Sportster through 1997. It can be
set for Street or Race-Electric or Kick
Start includes rear cylinder timing
adjustment for rate of advance.
Compatible with single fire coils.
N/A 8-4100 Single Fire Ignition Kit fits As Above
Includes coil and 8.5mm wires.
$28.00   8.5 mm Wire Set
N/A   Tach Adapter Interface
N/A   Sensor Cup and Screw Set
$9.00   Sensor Cup, replaces 32402-83
$12.00   Cup Screw, replaces 2611C
Crane Cams
Note: When using HI-4 Single Fire Ignition with “Dual Plug Cylinder Heads”, two dual fire coils must be used (Crane Cams #8-3002 or 8-3006). Both the spark plug wires from one coil will go to the front cylinder, while both plug wire from the other coil will go to the rear cylinder.
32-9291 32-9292 32-7510 32-9255
Single Fire: Just the spark plug for the piston that is in its compression stroke will be fired. The other piston, being in its overlap position will not be ignited.
Dual Fire: Both spark plugs are fired simultaneously at the time only one piston is in its compression stroke. This is the way the stock motor works.
Single Plug: One spark plug in each head. Total of 2 spark plugs in one engine.
Dual Plug: Two spark plugs in each head. Total of 4 spark plugs in one engine.
Crane Cams Hi-Intensity Ignition System converts early, points type 1970-79 BT to electronic ignition. On 1980 and later models it will replaces stock electronic ignition, external module and rev limiter. Kit includes Hi module stand off screws and hardware. Order VT No. 32-7510 advance weight unit separately.
VT No. Price Item
N/A Single module/dual fire/single coil for a dual fire
ignition system that replaces the stock point and
condenser type ignition. Can be used with stock coil.
$45.00 Rotor for Above
N/A Dual module/Single Fire/ Single or Dual Coil
when being used as single fire/single plug requires
VT No. 32-9224 coil. When used as dual plug
applications VT No. 32-9225 coil must be used.
$40.00 Rotor for above
$40.00 Advance Unit
N/A Tach Adapter for Above
32-9224 32-9225 32-3006 32-9241
Crane Coils are available in high intensity for single or dual fire, mounts to stock brackets.
VT No. Price Crane No. # Type
$0.00 8-3001 A Single Fire
$190.00 8-3005 D Single Fire
$114.00 8-3002 B Dual Fire
$111.00 8-3006 C Dual Fire


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