Motor Shop Cylinder Area
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Power Stroke Hone
Shop Services Procedure:
. Call for Return Goods Authorization (RGA)#
. Obtain RGA # and return to
Motor Shop Procedure
9 Scobie Drive
Newburgh, New York 12550
. Finished work order will be returned by UPS
60-0167 60-0167
Cylinder Boring Service. The V-Twin Motor Shop will bore and hone customers cylinder and fit to next oversize required pistons. Boring will done on a Kwik-way Boring Bar and honing will be done on a vertical Winona Van Norman Powerstroke Hone for a precision fit. Choose any brand of piston from our catalog section and note VT Part Number on Work Order/Authorization Form.Work will be performed on sets of cylinders only. Pack cylinders with care as we are not responsible for broken fins in shipping.
VT No Price
Kwik-way Boring Bar
Case Boring
Precision Case Boring Service.
. V-Twin Motor Shop will use a vertical mill to enlarge the cylinder hole or head chamber to accept Big Bore Spigot barrels.
. Ship cases to V-Twin with a turn around time of 15 days.
VT No Price Type
N/A Case
N/A Heads


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