V-TwinTM Replica Frame
The Construction of the V-TwinT Frame
FXST-FLST Replica Frame is an authentic reproduction of 1987-99 model. Details include forged parts in neck, front/rear motor mounts and rear strut bars. Formed stampings which have been accurately blanked and pressed are used in the top motor mount and seat area. This frame accepts the 1340 Ev or TC 88 "A" Engine, 5-Speed Rigid Mount Transmission and all primary related drive components from 1987-99 ST models. VT No. 51-0964 Rear Frame section and 1984-99 flat side style gas tanks. Neck includes tab for pad lock and 17 sequence number boss.
VT No. Price Type
$1,816.00 Ev 1340
$1,965.00 TC 88
The Construction of the V-TwinT Frame
The Construction of the V-TwinT Frame
The Construction of the V-TwinT Frame
Seat Detail
Front Motor Mount Bar
Right Side
Rear Strut Arms
Seat Detail includes formed plates on the seat mount clip.
Right Side shows forged rear motor/front transmission mount and front shock mount pivot.
Forged Neck
Front Motor Mount Bar is of forged construction connecting the radius front formed down tubes
ST Frame Brackets
Rear Strut Arms are of forged construction with all holes machined to accept stock components.
ST Frame Brackets to be welded on.
VT No. Price Item
$20.00 Signal Module (A)
$24.00 Circuit Breaker (B)
$24.00 Module (C)
Forged Neck gives the authentic look and strength to this replica. Neck includes raised number boss and fork lock tab.
Neck Forging Process
Neck Forging Process Neck Forging Process
Neck Forging Process
Neck Forging Process
Neck Forgings machined to accept stock diameter tubing. 51- 0520 features late number boss and tab for pad lock. 1971-99 BT.
VT No. Price
Forged Neck is accomplished in 4 stages.


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