1994-up Engine Dress Kit
1013-P Chrome Allenhead Show Bike Kits feature polished heads for 1994-2003 XL models.
VT No. Price
Dress Kits for XL's include all die cast replacement parts as pictured.
VT No. Price Year
$1,230.00 2006-up
$829.00 2004-05
$834.00 1994-03
$719.00 1991-93
Die Cast Primary Covers are manufactured from a casting process. It is the nature of parts produced from this process to have small random subsurface imperfections that can be uncovered during the polishing process. These may appear as very small cosmetic imperfections after chrome plating.We also do not polish in areas that are not readily visible once assembled on the motorcycle or by polishing machines such as small depressions or tight corners. As these conditions are common in polished and chrome-plated castings, a reasonable standard of acceptability has been established to bring you the highest quality product at an affordable price. This part meets Perma Chrome™ cosmetic standard. The aforementioned cosmetic conditions are considered reasonable for this part and are not considered warrantable.


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